Super Cell is rich harvest

HELSINKI Supercell, the maker of the popular game apps "Hay Day" and "Clash of Clans" could, sales verneunfachen-2013. Ilkka Paananen CEO is now his goal to create a Label with the radiance of Coca-Cola or Nintendo, come a lot closer.

The three-year-old company reported a profit of 464 million US dollars in $ 892 million in sales. 2012, the company generated only $ 51 million profit and sales of 101 million dollars. In the course of the published balance sheet figures Supercell announced Wednesday includes the global launch of a third game title called "Beach Boom" for March on.

The company is majority held by the Japanese telecom company Softbank, who had bought last October, $ 1.5 billion, 51 percent of the shares in the app provider. Supercell sells far only two mobile games: Hay Day and Clash of Clans. Both can be downloaded for free from the App Store of Apple and Google and are among the world's most successful smartphone and tablet games.

Many details of the company börsennotieren not remain hidden, including the net income and the amount that is spent on marketing. However, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization illustrates how great is the potential of the app stores from Google and Apple to developers who reach about hundreds of millions of players können.Expansion in Asia
2013 began Supercell with the expansion into Asia. The partnership with Softbank, which also have the Japanese game app developers Gungho Online Entertainment will accelerate this expansion and possibly lead to games that are attractive to gamers around the world.

The rise of Supercell is also an economic mainstay for Finland, which is struggling with the descent of Nokia and other structural breaks. With 138 employees, the company is next to "Angry Birds" -Macher Rovio Entertainment to the driving force behind the Finnish start-up scene that collect large sums of international investors.
   But there is a clear difference between Supercell and Rovio Rovio has done with Angry Birds mainly through a popular game series name, pay for download by the users for money. Quick, the company has a broader basis and expanded the business with Angry Birds licenses on the entertainment industry.


2012 came almost half of the turnover of 152 million euros from the sale of licensed merchandise products like Angry-Birds-jumpers or soft drinks. In this type of sales signs point to growth because Rovio cartoons, and a feature film plans.

Supercell other hand, is located at the top of the trend towards free-to-play games - and Rovio has overtaken in sales and growth. Hay Day and Clash of Clans can be downloaded for free on smartphones and tablets, gaming content, which accelerate the progress of the game, but the users have to pay. Even Beach boom, which already proved successful in two test markets, follows the same principle.

"The hard part is to create a game that really, really fun," Paananen said, pointing to the longevity of his model, which has proven that it works. "Many are at Clash of Clans half years there and play there are still nine times a day. "

Those who choose to buy additional game content, often spend large sums of money. There are players who spend thousands of dollars a year to move up on the list of the high scores of the game.

"Many of these players come from a wealthy family and work as lawyers and investment bankers. It has been found that for a hobby like golf. This is quite literally that with which they explain that, "Paananen said.

PS4 Emulators For PC


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PS4 Emulator
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